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Safe Neighborhoods 
Strong Businesses
Smart Traffic Solutions

Family Friendly Neighborhood.jpg

Protect family-friendly neighborhoods from overdevelopment

  • Initiate limits on density in residential areas

  • Maintain natural buffers and tree-lined streets

  • Fix the sidewalk gaps along major roads

  • Enhance support for our police and firefighters

Promote economic vitality
with strong businesses

  • Hire & empower an Economic Development Director 

  • Move stalled projects forward

  • Attract vibrant, family-friendly destinations

  • Recruit mid-market businesses

  • Attract commercial mixed-use developments          (not stand-alone apartments like Sun Valley & East Village Target)

Tree Lined Street.jpg

Proactive smart
traffic solutions

  • Stop making bad traffic worse 

  • Create streetscapes, not cut-through roads

  • Focus on technology to have primary roads flowing

  • Design pedestrian-friendly roads, not over-engineered car speedways

Provide accountable and transparent leadership

  • End "Pay to Play" with developers.  Council Members should recuse themselves from votes on projects by developers who have given them contributions

  • Maintain our parks and river to a high standard with planned and needed maintenance

  • Enhance gateway entrances east and west of 400

  • Responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars

  • Respect for the residents 

  • Efficient and effective city services

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