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Peter Vanstrom
Roswell City Council - Post 4

Strong Businesses - Safe Neighborhoods - Smart Traffic Solutions
Leadership To Make It Happen

I strongly believe that we can promote smart business growth that proactively plans for traffic and infrastructure needs, and at the same time, continue to protect and preserve

our neighborhoods, our historic district, parks and river.


Let's Make It Happen!

I have been blessed to build a business that has nearly quadrupled in size since we began. I owe the success of my business to my team. We follow a simple rule: the customer comes first, always! As your voice on City Council, I will continue to put the customer, the residents of Roswell, first.

We Can Do Better

We need to manage our continued growth by promoting active, healthy commercial corridors with strong businesses and places we can enjoy with our families, in a way that protects the charm and character that attracted so many of us to Roswell in the first place.

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